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Room Resources

Features of the room-specific interface appear below and include:

  • Room Name: appears at top of the page.

  • Actions: Drop-down menu to Edit or Delete the room. These options apply only to the room name (to edit) or the entire room (to delete). Configure other features of the room through available interface items.

  • Resources tab: the orange slide beneath the Resources label indicates room-specific resources such as audio processor, CineAgent, assets, devices, and displays which can be added and edited on this page.

  • Activities tab: the orange slide beneath the Activities label indicates room-specific activities created for the room.

  • Room Specific: Resources allocated to a single room. If one of these resources are to used in a different room, it must be removed from the current room.

  • Customizable Per Activity: Resources which can be shared in multiple rooms and activities.

Room Resources Tab

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