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Adding to Rooms and Activities

The Add to Room/Activities menu option allows the user to assign a display to a specific room. A display can only be assigned to one room. 

  1. Click the user account icon in the top right and click AdminResources to access the Resources home page.

  2. Click the Display option on the left navigation column to view the displays interface.

  3. Click the
     icon next to the display name and select Add to Room/Activities.

  4. Check the box(es) next to any activities to which the display should be added.

    Only one room can be selected. If the display is already assigned to a room, attempting to select a different room will result in a cautionary warning that doing so will remove the display from its current room. 

  5. Make adjustments if necessary, then click Add to Room/Activities. Changes made to the room assignment appear on display interface summary page.

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