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Device Service Setup

To set up a resource appliance:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to your organization's Command 360 machine URL: [].


    For information on Command 360 browser support, see Supported Browsers.

  2. Click Next on the welcome page.

    Welcome Screen with Machine URL

  3. Select Resource Appliance for the Machine Type, then click Next.

    Select Machine Type Screen with Resource Appliance Selected

To set up a Device Service:

  1. Select Device Service for the Resource Appliance, then click Next.

    Select Resource Appliances Screen

  2. Choose either Standalone or Join Site Server for the machine's Location, then click Next.


    If setting up a standalone device server, the standalone option does not appear. Instead, a prompt asks which resource manager to join. The standalone option appears when setting up a Site/Resource Manager that also has a device control appliance.

    Site and Resource Manager Setup Location Screen with Standalone Selected

    Choosing Join Site Server results in a request to join an existing ecosystem. See an example of this request in the section Accepting the Alpha FX Join Request.

    A Confirmation page appears providing the Machine URL, Machine type, Resources, Site Name, and License Key information.

    Site and Resource Manager Setup Confirmation Screen

  3. If any of the information needs changed or corrected, click Back to the appropriate page; otherwise, click Finish.

This completes the addition of a Device Service as a Resource Appliance.

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