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Alpha FX

Video cards associated with the Alpha FX processor are managed on this page. The user can also quickly assess the status of a card in the summary list to determine if an error has occurred requiring a reset of the resource. During installation, the Alpha FX is added as a resource appliance, but the card configuration takes place here, in the resource admin manager.

Alpha FX Page with One Unconfigured Card

Click the vertical ellipsis

 icon on a video card listing to choose to either Finish Setup or Reset the selected video card.

Alpha FX Options

  • Finish Setup launches the video card configuration process for arranging the outputs to create the Display. Input assets are created once the first video card of an Alpha FX is configured. See the Topics Discussed section for instructions on setting up the video card for different orientations.
  • Reset Video Card deletes the current configuration, as as any displays, devices, and layouts associated with the video card. After resetting, the card's status is changed to Finish Setup.
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