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Installation and Configuration

The initial installation and configuration of Command 360 typically occurs through a collaboration of Haivision and customer representatives, and often with third-party integrators. Many components comprise the total visual collaboration platform, including processors, encoders, decoders, site manager, devices, and various resource appliances. Each customer's unique Command 360 ecosystem is defined and components documented during the design phase and therefore clearly identified during installation. Some processes applied during installation overlap with operational configuration and can inform an organization's technical support team for troubleshooting, future scaling, and system expansion.

Throughout this manual, an appropriate cross-reference link is included when standard operational processes require information related to installation and configuration. A list of related topics also appears in topics with multiple touchpoints in the Command 360 interface.


Instructions and screenshots in this manual represent the sequence of information requirements for the machines demonstrated. When installing or configuring other components, inputs may vary. The guided installation process prompts the user for necessary information; however, if questions arise for data not covered in this manual, please contact support.

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