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The Asset Properties button becomes available in the Activity Interface once the zoomed in view is enabled.  View and edit asset properties from this page.

As of the time of the publication, the Adjust and Info tabs are unavailable for the Asset Properties window.


Asset Attributes, designated within the Properties window of the asset, allow users to add a border, crop content, and add text.

To edit asset attributes:

  1. Drag and drop an asset from the asset tray onto the canvas.

  2. Click on the asset, then the
     icon > Zoom in on Asset.

  3. Click the Properties button at the right side of the canvas.

  4. Click the Attributes tab in the pop-up window.

  5. Select option to edit.

Add Border

  1. Click the Border toggle button to enable modifications.

  2. Set a thin, medium, or thick border Size with the slide tool.

  3. Click on the color indicator beneath the size slide. Select a color.

The appearance changes with each update.

4. Click in anywhere outside of the Asset properties window, then close out the Zoomed In View mode.

The border now appears around the asset on the canvas and video wall.

Crop Content

  1. Click the Crop toggle button to expand cropping options.

  2. Select Draw Cropping Box to draw a free-hand square or rectangular box, that when cropped, displays the content inside the box on the canvas. The attributes window closes so the cropped image is fully visible. If unhappy with the results, click on the Properties button again and click Reset Cropping

    Note that after the cropping, the left/right and top/bottom percentages are populated. These can be manually entered in lieu of the draw cropping option.

    3. Click in anywhere outside of the Asset properties window, then close out the Zoomed In View mode.

Add Text

To add text:

  1. Click the Text toggle to expand text options.

  2. Enter the Text to Display.

  3. Drag the slider to edit the Text Size.

  4. Click the color icon to edit Text Color.

  5. Select the Vertical Position: Top, Middle, or Bottom.

  6. Select the Horizontal Position: Left, Middle, or Right.

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