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Behavior Actions

The available behavior action types are Audio, CineAgent Browser, Delay, Device and Display.


For Device, Audio, and Display actions to be enabled, at least one type of corresponding device must be added to the activity in which you are creating the behavior. In other words, if you are trying to create an Audio action you must have an available audio processor in the given activity.

Audio Actions

Audio actions allow you to mute or unmute mics and outputs in a given zone.

Audio Action Example

For Audio actions:

  • If available, select an audio processor Device.
  • Select an Action:
    • Mute Mics
    • Mute Output
    • Set Audio Source
    • Unmute Mics
    • Unmute Output
  • (For all actions except Set Audio Source) Select All Zones or a specific zone where the action rules will apply.

For Set Audio Source actions, select the new Source to use within the activity.

CineAgent Browser

CineAgent Browser actions allow you to load a bookmark on a CineAgent Browser asset.


Browser actions are only available for the integrated CineAgent Browser. Browser actions are not available for Chrome or Edge browser assets.

CineAgent Browser Behavior Action

For CineAgent Browser actions:

  1. Select the CineAgent Browser to execute the action.
  2. Select the Bookmark to apply. Bookmarks are created from Controls panel in the Activity Interface.

Delay Actions

Delay actions allow you to delay the subsequent action in a behavior. 

Delay Action Example

For Delay actions:

  • Enter the Time (in seconds) to delay the next action in the behavior sequence.

Device Actions

Device actions allow you to select a third-party device that has been added to Command 360 (e.g., a cable tuner) and perform an action based on its device profile.

Device Action Example

For Device actions:

  • Select a Device.
  • Select an Action. Available actions for a given device can be viewed in the Actions tab of the device profile.

Display Actions

Display actions allow you to apply a background or layout, clear the display, remove a background, or replace an asset with another asset.

Display Action Example

For Display actions:

  • Select a Display.
  • Select an Action:
    • Apply Background
    • Apply Layout
    • Clear Display
    • Remove Background
      Replace Asset

For Replace Asset actions, select the asset to replace, then select the asset to replace it.

Replace Asset Display Action

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