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Physical Installation


It is strongly recommended professional setup unique to each customer be performed by a Haivision agent. Contact Haivision for additional information.

Required Components

  • AC power cord
  • PC or laptop connection
  • Auxiliary video display screen
  • Input cables
  • Output cables

Optional Components

  • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse)
  • Non-wireless Internet connection


To install the Alpha FX Elite:

  1. Open the box, verify the contents, and visually inspect the items for any shipping damage. If necessary, contact Haivision for return instructions.
  2. Unpack the box and position the hardware on a stable work service. Optionally, mount the device in a server rack.


    The Alpha FX Elite is an indoor appliance and should be kept in a dry, dust free environment.


    When mounting in a server rack, refer to your rack vendor's documentation as well as the included rack mount instructions in the rail kit provided with your system. Improper rack mounting could cause serious harm to equipment and/or people near the rack. Please be sure to properly and securely mount your hardware.

    Ensure that the final location has proper airflow. Do not block or impede airflow to the vents.

    ATTENTION: Lors du montage dans un rack de serveurs, reportez-vous à la documentation du fournisseur de votre rack ainsi qu'aux instructions de montage dans un rack incluses dans le kit de rails fourni avec votre système. Un montage incorrect en rack peut causer de graves dommages à l'équipement et/ou aux personnes à proximité . Assurez-vous de monter correctement et en toute sécurité votre matériel.

    Assurez-vous que l’emplacement final dispose d’une bonne circulation d’air. Ne bloquez pas et n’empêchez pas le flux d’air vers les bouches d’aération. 

  3. On the device:
    • Connect a control screen and peripherals (keyboard/mouse) to the unit.
    • Connect local content sources to input ports via HDMI cables.
    • Connect external display wall outputs via DisplayPort.
    • Connect network cable to either of the dual network ports.


      Wireless connectivity is not supported on this system.

    • Connect the AC power cord to the unit.
  4. On the front of the unit, flip down the faceplate and press the Power button.

Once the Alpha FX Elite video wall processor is powered on and connected to the control point PC or laptop, Command 360 launches from the Chrome browser.

Setup of the Alpha FX Elite is now complete.

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