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Rooms represent virtual spaces which correspond to actual rooms in the physical facility. Users configure resources and activities to establish the assets, devices, and displays users need to present content on the video walls through specific actions in those rooms.

Access the Rooms management page from the left navigation column within the Resources Admin management area.

This page contains a list of rooms associated with the site and summarizes the number of Activities, Assets, and Displays assigned to each. A specific room's resource and activities configuration pages can be accessed by clicking on the underscored Room Name in the list. It can also be entered by clicking the caret next to Rooms in the navigation column and selecting the room name in the drop-down list. 

Rooms Management Page

At least one display and activity must be assigned to a room in order to enter the Activity Interface. An alert appears in the Rooms summary page if a room appears in the summary but does not have both a display and at least one activity.

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