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Command 360

Command 360 Activity Interface on a Laptop Screen

Welcome to the documentation for Haivision Command 360! 

Haivision Command 360 is the most advanced visual collaboration software platform for situational awareness and real-time decision-making in mission-critical environments around the world. This software equips organizational teams from the lowest-tier operators to the top-tier decision makers with powerful tools for mission support, whether the requirements are highly customized or universal in nature.

This guide describes how to use the wide range of Command 360 features for effective operations.


Because the Command 360 platform offers extensive customization of both hardware selection and user-interface functionality, not all variations of system configuration can be captured in a single user guide. These instructions cover the most commonly used features and system design concepts among current markets. Please contact support for guidance on any user-specific needs not addressed here.

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Available Documentation

Provide setup instructions and technical specifications for Command 360-related hardware components.
User's GuideExplains how to install, configure and operate Command 360.
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