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Activity Behaviors

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Behaviors control activity execution. Just as an activity dictates content management within a room, a behavior controls specific attributes and actions of the activity. Unlike activities, behaviors are not required for but do enhance content management through customized, automated tasks.

Activity Behaviors Tab

Behavior Status

Behaviors associated with the activity are listed at the bottom of the screen. The summary list includes status, looping, Xref, tags, and description attributes for the Behavior.

Normal Status

A green circle with a checkmark in the center indicates the behavior is valid for use.

Invalid Status

A yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the center indicates an invalid operation. To correct the error, perform the following:

  1. Click the
     to the left of the Behavior, then click Edit Behavior.

  2. Advance through the edit screens until the invalid icon appears.

  3. Enter or correct information as necessary, then click Save.

    See Editing Behaviors for more information.

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