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Command 360 Glossary

The following is a list of terms used throughout the Command 360 interface and documentation and their definitions.

Product Terms


(Requires Resource Manager) An activity is a bundle of user-defined, pre-configured actions, organized sequentially and customized for the delivery of visual intelligence. Activities bring together physical components and virtual assets to execute operational objectives.


An appliance is a set of services that facilitate a specific feature set for the Command 360 ecosystem. Examples of appliances include Site server, Resource Manager, CineAgent server, Alpha FX, CineLink encoder, etc.


Things that can be placed on a Display. This can include web browsers, IP streams, clocks, messages, and other supported files.


Behaviors control activity execution. Just as an activity dictates content management within a room, a behavior controls specific attributes and actions of the activity.


A canvas is the digital space created when a video card is configured. Displays are created by allocating space on canvases.


A device is a piece of hardware that is typically used to facilitate control. Sometimes a device may also be used to facilitate audio/video collaboration. When referring to a deeply integrated device, appliance is the more appropriate term (e.g. CineAgent, CineLink encoder/decoder, etc.). An audio processor would not be referred to as a device.


The area where all the artifacts for Command 360 are organized and accessed. Configurations of things like SSO live here.


A saved arrangement of Assets on a Display.


A physical PC that is capable of running one or many appliances at once. The combination of appliances it can run will be constrained by the specs of the machine. A single machine is considered an appliance.

Resource Manager

The area where Resource Appliances and resources (Devices, Assets, Audio, etc.) are organized and managed.


(Requires Resource Manager) The area where Displays, Layouts, Devices, Assets, and Audio are organized.


The area where other Sites or Resource Managers are organized and managed.


Used in the context of audio processor control, zones correspond to rooms.

Technical Terms


These are the building blocks of an LED Display (not to be confused with an LED panel).


These are the building blocks of a Display. Panels are hardware that are physically arranged in a physical room.

Video Card

These are components inside of an Alpha FX that are responsible for powering Displays. A GPU is the graphics processing unit that powers a video card. A video card may have more than one GPU so it is more correct to refer to the piece of hardware as a video card within the context of Display creation in Command 360.

Video Splitter

A video splitter takes the signal from a single video card output and splits it into smaller chunks allowing it to be divided into multiple panels of smaller resolution.

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