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KVM Mode

Interact with streaming web assets through KVM Mode. Use the mouse and keyboard to directly navigate and interact with a web page on a display as if on a web browser.

To use KVM Mode:

  1. Place a web asset on the canvas.

  2. Click the asset to show the orange selection border.

    Selected Asset

  3. Click the
     icon in the top right corner of the asset and select Interact with Asset (KVM Mode).

    Browser Asset Menu

    The asset enters a Zoomed in View and fills the entire canvas.

  4. Ensure the KVM Mode toggle switch in the upper left corner is enabled.


    While in KVM Mode, the Properties panel and Annotations tool are not available. The Controls panel remains available for bookmarks and web navigation. 

  5. Navigate and interact with the website as if on a desktop. 

  6. When the desired web pages and information are configured, close the orange-highlighted Zoomed In View at the top of the screen. The asset returns to its location on the canvas.
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