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System-Detected Assets

System-detected assets are associated with physical input devices connected directly to the system. In the Command 360 interface, these appear as either "Input" asset type (cable tuners, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV, etc.), "Browser" types (CineAgent), or "CineLink Stream" ( encoders ).

  • Input assets are c reated by the system when the first video card is configured on an Alpha FX. The number that appears in the Asset Manager is based on the number of inputs detected in the hardware. 

  • The CineAgent asset appears as Browser #, with a number of instances sequentially numbered based on how many screens were set during configuration.

  • CineLink assets appear in the Asset Manager according to the number of outputs (2 or 4) when a CineLink is joined to a resource manager.


Clicking the

 icon on a system-detected asset opens a pop-up menu with options to view asset properties, edit the asset, manage links to the asset, and add the asset to rooms or activities, as shown in the image below:

Asset Options

Asset Properties

To view and edit asset properties:

  1. Click the
     icon on an Input asset.

  2. Click View Properties. The Asset Properties panel opens on the right.

    The Asset Properties panel includes an Actions drop-down menu and is divided into three tabs. From here:

    • Click the Actions drop-down to manage resource links or add the asset to rooms and activities.
    • Click the Info tab to view the asset name, type, associated tags, and additional information. For CineAgent-created assets, the originating CineAgent is linked, as shown in the example below.
    • Click the Attributes tab to configure a border, crop, text, aspect ratio, and opacity.
    • Click the Resource Links tab to link the device to an asset.

  3. When finished, click Close.

Editing System-Detected Assets

To edit an Input asset:

  1. Click the
     icon on the asset you wish to edit.

  2. Click Edit Asset.

    From here:
  • Edit the Asset Name.
  • Add Tags.

  • When finished, click Save.

  • Note

    The following task requires at least one device to have been added as a resource. See Adding Devices for more information.

    To link a device to a system-detected asset:

    1. Click the
       icon on the asset you wish to link.

    2. Click Manage Resource Links.

    3. Click the Device drop-down menu and select the device to link to the asset.

    4. Click Save Links.

    Adding to Rooms/Activities

    To add a system-detected asset to rooms or activities:

    1. Click the
       icon on the asset.

    2. Click Add to Rooms/Activities.

    3. Click the checkbox next to all rooms or activities of choice.

    4. When finished, click Add to Rooms/Activities.
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