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Room Menu

The Room menu offers helpful shortcuts to actions particularly useful to operators when changes to content need to happen quickly. 

Room Menu

In the activity interface, click the name of the current Room displayed in the upper left screen banner.

Three actions may be taken from this menu:

Edit Activity

Click the Edit Activity shortcut to the Room configuration area. Make changes to the activity running in the activity interface. When finished, click Enter Activity to return to the activity interface. 

The page reflects the activity name and its associated room. 

Asset Manager

Asset manipulation in real-time ensures the right content can be easily and efficiently loaded to the video wall display.

Click Asset Manager on the current room menu, as shown above. The user exits the activity interface directly into the asset manager.

In the asset manager, click Create Asset to create a new asset which is automatically assigned to the room exited. If modifying, click the vertical ellipsis in the bottom right corner of the asset and perform changes. Refer to Assets in the Resource Admin Management section for detailed instructions.

When finished, click the Add Assets button at the bottom right of the asset manager. The user is returned to the activity interface. 


The asset must be re-added to the asset tray and placed on the canvas. The changes do not automatically update on the canvas. 

End Activity

In secure environments, sensitive or classified information may be displayed on the video wall. In the event of intentional or accidental security breach, content can be quickly removed from the wall.

While this can be achieved by using the Clear Display feature, choosing to end the activity removes all assets, behaviors, and resources from the wall and returns the user to the Command 360 site landing page.

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