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Portrait-Oriented Video Card Setup


Very few users require portrait orientation for their video wall. We do not recommend experimenting with portrait vs. landscape display as reverting to landscape may require re-installation.

To set up an Alpha FX video card for portrait orientation:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right and click AdminResources to access the Resources home page.

  2. Click the Alpha FX option on the left navigation column.

  3. On a video card listing with the status Finish Setup , click the
     icon immediately to the left of video card label. 

  4. Click Finish Setup in the subsequent pop-up menu.

    Finish Setup Option on Alpha FX

  5. Choose the Advanced configuration option. If the card was preconfigured in Windows, click the checkbox next to  Video Card is Preconfigured .


    If the video card is preconfigured, please ensure that your selections in this workflow match your card's configuration. An erroneous selection here is not revertible within the user interface.

    The Advanced option allows for custom configuration. The results may vary depending on each user’s unique system components. Advanced configuration must be used to create portrait-oriented display.

  6. Populate the Output Width, Output Height, and Output Refresh Rate, then click Next.

    For portrait orientation, output height must be greater than output width.

  7. Enter a Canvas Name, and verify the displayed grid appears as expected.

  8. Select the appropriate response to designate whether any of the outputs use a video splitter. For the above example, the response is No. Click Next.

  9. Verify all information on the summary page. Click Back to the appropriate window if corrections are needed; otherwise click Save Configuration.

To complete adding a display in portrait orientation, refer to Portrait-Oriented Display.

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