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Asset Tray


Located in the lower left corner of the Activity Interface, the Asset icon

opens the Asset Tray and acts as a toggle to hide or display the tray when clicked.

From the Asset Tray (shown below):

  • Add assets to the current room from the asset manager
  • Add tagged activities assigned to the activity
  • Drag and drop assets onto the canvas
  • Set an asset as a display's background (wallpaper)
  • Clear the tray

Activity Interface with Asset Tray

Add Assets to the Tray

To add assets to the tray:

  1. Click the Asset icon in the lower left corner to open the tray.

  2. Click the Add Assets button to open the Asset Manager. To add tagged assets, click Quick Actions > Add by Tag.

  3. Select as many assets as desired to add to the tray.

    Asset Manager

  4. Click Add Assets. All selected assets are now available in the tray.

    Once assets appear in the tray, simply click, drag, and drop an asset on the canvas. 

Set an Asset as Display Background

Assets, particularly organizational logos, are often used as a display background, or wallpaper. This prevents an empty screen from being displayed when all assets are removed from the canvas.

  1. Click the Asset Tray icon to display available assets.

  2. Click the
     icon in the bottom right corner of the asset.

  3. Click Set as Display's Background.

    Set as Display Background Option

  4. Click Yes, Set as Background.

    The asset fills the entire canvas, behind existing assets. Once a background exists on the display, it can only be overwritten, not removed. 

Clear Tray

  1. Click Quick Actions to open the pop-up menu.

  2. Click Clear Tray

    Asset Quick Actions

The tray is cleared and can be repopulated. To remove an asset without clearing the entire tray, drag an asset to hover over the Add Assets button. When the button changes to a red trash can, drop the asset to remove from the tray. The asset remains in the Asset Manager, where it can be retrieved again if necessary.

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