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Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages/frameworks are used by Command 360?

Languages: C#, JavaScript, HTML, TypeScript, C++, Powershell, XML, JSON

Framework: dotnet, react, OpenGL

Is there support for federation? If so, how? (e.g. SAML, LDAP, etc.)


Is Command 360 co-tenancy/multi-tenant?


How are backups stored, and for how long?

Ad hoc on the user's own server and stored until user deletes.

What methodologies do you use for security review? (e.g. automated scans, manual testing, code review, etc.)

Automated scans.

Do you use a third-party to assess security? If so whom, and how regularly?

Nessus scans are run quarterly.

Are you able to provide a copy of the latest findings report?

No, it is internal. This can be part of the signed contract.

Do you participate in a public bug bounty program?


Do your development/QA teams receive application security training?


What is your estimated remediation time for a given vulnerability?

30/60/90 days for critical/high/medium.

Is your source code available for review?

No, this is not available for review and proprietary to Haivision Systems.

If hosted on-site, do support staff require access to the systems or data? 

No, support staff do not require access.

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