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Configuring Audio Processors

A newly added audio processor requires assignment of zones and sources. To configure these, return to the Audio option in the Resources admin management page.

To configure an audio processor:

  1. On the audio processor you wish to configure, click the
    icon and select Finish Setup. The Audio Processor Properties interface opens.

  2. Click Add Zone under the Zones tab.

  3. Enter zone information:
    1. Enter a Zone Name.
    2. (Optional) Select a Room to link to the zone.
    3. Enter a Zone ID.
    4. Enter a Min Volume (dB).
    5. Enter a Max Volume (dB).
    6. Select whether the zone contains a microphone.
    7. Click Save Zone.

  4. Click the Sources tab.

  5. Click Add Source and enter audio source information:


    Only rooms with defined audio zones are listed in the Room drop-down. If no room with a defined audio zone exists, the drop-down is unavailable.

    1. Enter an Audio Source Name.
    2. (Optional) Click the Asset drop-down and select the asset to link to this source.
    3. Under Presets, enter a Preset # and Source ID.
    4. Select a Room.
    5. (Optional) Click the Add Preset button and repeat steps C & D to add additional presets.
    6. Click Save Source.

  6. Return to the Audio page within the resources admin menu to confirm the status of the audio processor has changed to Online.

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