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Activity Manager

Clicking an activity name

in the Rooms interface opens the Activity Manager.

The Activity Manager (pictured below) allows you to view and edit activity information, manage connected resources, add and schedule behaviors, and automate the activity's start and end actions. The Actions menu and Enter Activity buttons remain at the top of the window.

Basic Information Tab


Click the Actions button to edit or delete an activity.

Activity Actions

Enter Activity

Click the Enter Activity button to directly enter the Activity Interface to execute the activity.


A notification will appear if an activity is already running in the room.

Already Running Activity Notification

To resolve:

  1. Click the browser's back arrow to return to the Activity Manager.
  2. Click the back arrow next to the activity name in the Activity Manager.
    Activity Name and Back Arrow
  3. On the Room Summary page, select the activity running in the Activity Interface, then End Activity.
  4. Return to the Room Summary page and enter the desired activity.
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