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Introduction to Command 360

Welcome to the user documentation for Haivision Command 360, an intuitive software platform that supports real-time situational awareness in mission and business-critical environments. 

Video wall systems serve as the central hub for organizations of all sizes that require visual collaboration to quickly make informed decisions. Command 360 provides the essential tools for creating and managing dynamic content in operation and command centers.

Command 360 Product Features

The Command 360 interface represents a virtual environment which mimics the physical control room. In this environment, a user dynamically controls content to bring critical information to the primary video wall and displays throughout a facility.

The software’s open architecture enables smooth integration with the entire video wall ecosystem – from a range of video processors, encoders and decoders, permanent installations, and portable options. Its design eliminates the need for external equipment and custom programming. Command 360 enables enterprise, defense, government, and public safety teams to securely visualize and dynamically respond to urgent situations such as cybersecurity breaches, defense missions, and public emergencies.

The Command 360 installation and deployment process varies according to customer requirements. While initial install and configuration typically occurs by a third party integrator, on-site administrator-operators may be involved throughout the process. This user manual encompasses step-by-step technical instruction of the Command 360 visual collaboration system at system launch through routine operation. Three categories of use include:

  • System Configuration
  • Administrative Tools 
  • Activity Interface

Regardless of a user's role, access to all facets of operational instruction provides insight and understanding for administrative and standard user functions. Administrative users can apply an understanding of the machine configuration process to better manage the multiple types of assets available on the system, as many steps implemented during initial installation are replicated for future expansion or additional appliances.

Command 360 offers extensive customization for secure access and operational privileges based on user roles. Even admin users may be restricted from some high-level system functions. For example, admins primarily responsible for user account management and role creation may not require permissions for hardware configuration. Because privileges may vary significantly within the admin or standard user roles, familiarization with all areas of the user manual is encouraged. 

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