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Portrait-Oriented Display


Before continuing, please note:

  • Very few users require portrait orientation for their video wall. We do not recommend experimenting with portrait vs. landscape display as reverting to landscape may require re-installation.
  • To configure a portrait-oriented display, the Alpha FX video card must also be configured for portrait orientation.

To configure a portrait-oriented display:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right and click Admin > Resources to access the Resources home page.

  2. Click the Displays option on the left navigation column.

  3. Click the Add Display button.

  4. Select LED Display and click Next.

    LED Display Type


    To configure the Alpha FX video card for portrait orientation, refer to Portrait-Oriented Video Card Setup.

  5. Select a Canvas on which to add the Display. The Canvas was established during video card set up. The number of canvases available corresponds to the number of video cards configured.

  6. Enter a unique Display Name.

  7. Designate the number of Columns and Rows and click Next.

  8. Enter the Horizontal and Vertical Resolution of the individual cabinet.

  9. Enter the number of Columns and Rows for the base layout grid.

  10. Click Next when satisfied with the configuration.

    The values entered in this example can only be used for portrait orientation if the display is a 1x1 or 2x2 configuration.

  11. Click on the named display in the lower left corner and drag it onto the Canvas.

    Note the Add Display button is unavailable until the newly created display is added to the Canvas.

    Once the display is added to the Canvas, it appears in orange as allocated space. The Add Display button is now enabled, and the connected display in the bottom left corner is no longer available.

  12. When satisfied with the new display placement, click Add Display.

  13. If no further action is needed, click Close on the following Display Properties screen to return to the Resources interface.

This completes the process to add a portrait-oriented display.

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