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Adding Access Groups

To add a new access group:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right and click Admin > Global.

  2. Click Account Management on the left navigation column.

  3. Click the Access Groups tab.

    Access Groups Tab on the Account Management Page

  4. Click the Add Access Group button.

  5. Select the access group type: Regular Access Group, Limited Access Device (LAD) Access Group, or API Access Group.

    Select Access Group Type

  6. Click Next.

  7. Enter a unique, required Access Group Name in the space provided. You may also enter an optional Description and Xref tag. Note, the Xref tag must be unique among access groups.

    Add Access Group Name and Description

  8. Click Save.

The newly created access group now appears in the access group summary table.


To allow a new group access to an existing activity, you must edit the activity and select the new group from the Access Groups field. See Editing Activities for more information.

Click either the Access Group Name or Xref column headings to sort the table alphabetically. An arrow appears to the right of the heading and can be toggled to ascending or descending order by clicking directly on the arrow. The list will re-sort accordingly.

Access Groups Summary List

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