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Select Initial Machine Type and Location

To set initial machine type and location:

  1. From the computer, open a web browser and navigate to your organization's Command 360 machine URL: []. By default, the org-name represents the subdomain or the machine name, which can be changed by customer request.


    For information on Command 360 browser support, see Supported Browsers.

  2. Click Next on the welcome page.

    Welcome Screen with Machine URL

  3. Select Machine Type, then click Next.

    Select Machine Type Screen

    Site Manager:  Manages access to rooms and navigation between sites. It can be the parent to one or many resource managers.
    Site and Resource Manager: Combines functionality of a Site Manager and Resource Manager in one installation on one machine. (Most common choice.)
    Resource Manager: Manages all resources and appliances for processing and rendering of content.
    CineAgent: Appliance for web-based asset control and hosting of custom application assets.
    Resource Appliance: Machine that defines the capabilities of Resource Managers, including Alpha FX video processors.

    The remaining Machine Type instructions reflect Site and Resource Manager setup, both of which must be established to complete system installation.

  4. Enter the License Key provided in the .txt file with the system installation package. 

    Licensing Information Screen

  5. Click Validate License Key. Once validated, the Licensing Information page will appear. An error appears if an incorrect key is entered, and the step may be repeated until validation occurs. 

    Validation does not occur if the license key is not generated using the access key. The access key is part of the algorithm the machine applies when the installer enters a license key. Otherwise, the mechanism that performs the validation always engages (e.g. there’s no required online resource; the validation mechanism is entirely local).

    License Information Screen with Validated License Key Details

  6. On the Machine Information page, enter a Site Name and click Next. The site name can be changed after installation.


    The Site Name is displayed to the end user throughout the Command 360 interface for navigational purposes. The name does not need to correlate to the machine name, and often reflects the geographic location in which the system operates.

    Machine Information Screen with Site Name

    This completes Site and Resource Manager creation. Resource Appliances may now be added.

  7. Check all boxes for the Resource Appliances to be added to the Site and Resource Manager and click Next.

    Select Resource Appliances Screen

    For this example, CineLink Service and Streaming Service appliances have been chosen.

  8. Choose either Standalone or Join Site Server for the machine's Location, then click Next.


    If only one Site exists on the system, the install process assumes a Standalone location. The Join Site Server option only appears for multi-site platforms.

    Location Screen with Standalone Selected

    A Confirmation page appears providing the Machine URL, Machine type, Resources, Site Name, and License Key information.

  9. If any of the information needs to be changed or corrected, click Back to the appropriate page; otherwise, click Finish.

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