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Add, view, and manage displays from the Displays interface of the Resource Admin Management page.

Features of the display interface appear below and include:

  • Displays tab: Contains a searchable list of displays associated with the site and grouped by room.

  • Add Display button: appears directly beneath the Displays tab indicator.

  • Search bar: Provides ability to search displays by a key word or full display name.

  • Filtered By criteria: Reflects the criteria applied to achieve results shown in summary list.

  • Display List: Sortable list of displays and associated panels/cabinets, resolution, assigned room, canvas, and display type. Sort by Display Name or Assigned Room. Toggle for ascending or descending order by clicking the arrow next to the desired heading.

Displays Screen with 2 Rooms

If you have more than one display in a room, you can use the drag handles

to reorder the sequence of displays in the Activity Interface. Click and drag the handle to reorder displays.

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