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Adding Roles

To add a new role:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right and click Admin > Global.

  2. Click Account Management on the left navigation column.

    Roles Tab on the Account Management Page

  3. Click Add Role beneath the Roles menu ribbon.

  4. Select the access group type: Regular Role, Limited Access Device (LAD) Role, or API Role.

    Select Role Access Group Type

  5. Enter a unique, required Role Name in the space provided. The Description and Xref fields are optional.

    Role Name, Description and Xref Fields

  6. Click the checkbox next to each permission you wish to assign.


    For a list of permissions available to LAD and API accounts, see Roles and Permissions.

    Click to expand the sections below to view permissions.

    Activity Interface Permissions

    Annotations — Temporary display mark-up tool.

    Asset Interaction — Allows user to have KVM control of applicable assets on the display.

    Audio Control — Adjust volume and change audio source.

    Behavior Control — Run behaviors.

    CineAgent Custom URL — Navigate the CineAgent browser to websites through the control UI's address bar.

    CineAgent Navigation — Navigate the CineAgent browser using predefined bookmarks.

    Clear Display — Clear assets on a display.

    Device Control — Control devices.

    Display Control — Add/Remove/Modify/Clear assets on a display.

    Layouts — Create, manage, and apply layouts from the activity interface.

    Screen Share — Share screen to activity display if the activity is configured for it.

    Start/End — Start and end an activity.

    Resource Manager Admin Permissions

    Alpha FX Config — Access the Alpha FX configuration screens.

    Asset Config — Add, remove, modify assets from within asset manager. Includes adding assets to rooms/activities. Provides access to asset settings.

    File Config — Upload/Delete files.

    Hardware Config — Manage Audio processors, CineAgents, CineLinks, Displays, and Devices. This includes managing Device resource links.

    Room Config — Add, remove, modify rooms, activities, CineAgent Browser bookmarks, and behaviors.

    Site Admin Permissions

    Site Admin — Approves/Denies requests to join a site and can edit the site name.

    Global Admin Permissions

    Access Group Admin — Create/Delete/Modify access groups.

    Account Admin — Add, remove, modify, and view accounts.

    Diagnostic Admin — Access to diagnostic tools.

    Password Admin — Reset an existing user's password to default.

    Role Admin — Create/Delete/Modify user roles.

    Settings Admin — Edit global settings.

    Software Admin — Initiate software update.

  7. When finished, click Save Role.

View New Role in Account Management Summary

The new role now appears on the Account Management page. If necessary, changes can be made through the Editing Roles option.

New Role in Account Management Table

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