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API Behavior Control

You can control Command 360 behaviors from an external system via an API call.


Before continuing, please note:

  • To invoke behaviors via API call, you must first create an API role, access group, and account. See Account Management for each of these topics.
  • For behaviors to be invoked, they must first be created and have assigned Xref values. For help creating behaviors, see Adding Behaviors.

Command Structure

The API command structure is as follows:

Invoke-WebRequest -Method POST -Headers @{ "x-haivision-api-token"="YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" }


  • "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" is the token generated when completing the task outlined in Adding API Accounts.
  • "YOUR_DOMAIN_HERE" is the domain of your Command 360 system.
  • "YOUR_XREF_HERE" is the Xref value assigned when creating the behavior during the task outlined in Adding Behaviors.
  • "COMMAND_HERE" is one of four behavior control commands:
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Pause
    • Resume
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