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Asset Menu

Within the Activity Interface, asset management takes place through the pop-up menu available on each asset placed on the display. The type of asset selected determines the options available. 


For any asset on the display, selecting the asset and pressing the Delete key removes it from the display.

User-Created Asset Menu

The user-created asset menu includes the ability to zoom in on the asset and remove it from the display. These options also apply to streaming assets not hosted on a CineAgent server.

Created Asset Menu

System-Detected Asset Menu

A local input asset menu includes the ability to zoom in on the asset and remove it from the display.

Input Asset Menu

Browser-Based Asset Menu 

An browser-based asset menu includes options for zooming, interacting with, controlling, and removing the asset, which is typically browser-based content hosted on a CineAgent:

Browser Asset Menu

Zoom in on Asset

The zoom-in feature supports visual collaboration by allowing operators to emphasize content through visual enhancement and whiteboard-style functionality. Refer to Zoomed In View and Annotations for detailed instructions.

Interact with Asset (KVM Mode)

Interact with web assets on the video wall through keyboard and mouse control. Website control takes place in KVM mode, but browser navigation takes place through asset controls, which cannot be accessed while KVM mode is enabled. See KVM Mode for more information.

Control Asset

When an asset is on the canvas or in Zoomed-In-View, clicking Control Asset from the asset menu activates the Resources button and fly-out window. Within the fly-out window, users can enter a browser URL, create bookmarks, and use the back, refresh, and forward buttons for browser navigation. The operator may also activate the same window when the asset is in Zoomed in View and the Controls button appears in place of Resources. See Controls for more information.

Remove from Display

Choose this option to remove the asset from the display and return it to the asset tray. 

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