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Recommended Installation Sequence

The Command 360 platform offers great flexibility for each customer's unique system requirements. Documenting all possible configurations would be impossible, but there are common practices relevant to all installments. The high-level process outlined below reflects a recommended, not required, order of installation actions. 

The recommended installation sequence is as follows:

  1. Create:
  2. Join Alpha FX to Resource Manager.

  3. Add Streaming Server license.

  4. Configure video cards.

  5. Create Rooms.

  6. Create Displays and add to room.

  7. Join CineAgents and configure.

  8. Join CineLinks.

  9. Create Assets.

  10. Create Devices and link to assets.

  11. Configure audio processor.

  12. Add assets, unlinked devices, CineAgents, and audio to room.

  13. Create activities.

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