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Room Assets

To add an asset to a room:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right.

  2. Click Admin > Resources to access the Resources homepage.

  3. Click the Rooms option on the left navigation column.

    Rooms Management Page

  4. Click a Room Name from the summary table to view room-specific details.

  5. Click the
     on the Assets resource. The Manage Assets panel opens on the right.

  6. Under the Not in Room column, click the checkbox next to each asset you wish to add.

  7. Click the right arrow icon (>) to add the selected assets to the room.

  8. Click Save when finished.

  9. After adding assets to the room, you are asked whether to also add the assets to the room's activities. Select activities and click Add to Activities, or click Skip.

Assets can be moved in and out of the room at any time by repeating this process. After saving, the number of assets added appears in the resource list in the room-specific interface.

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