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Home Page Features

The Resources Management home page contains several important pieces of system information and a dashboard for appliance status.

Resources Home Page

General Information

  • System subdomain
  • System URL and status

License Key Information

  • Command 360 License
  • Device Control License

General and License Key Information may be used to confirm Command 360 licensing package and to re-visit the installation welcome page for future appliance installation and configuration.

General and License Info Sections

Appliances Summary

  • Appliance Type
  • Subdomain
  • URL
  • Status

The Appliances Summary table provides a quick view of system equipment and current status. This facilitates troubleshooting, whether for routine operation or technical support tickets. The appliance status indicators inform the user whether the appliance is online, offline, or requires additional setup to go online.

Appliances Summary

Navigation Pane

The navigation pane at left of the summary field allows the user to quickly access system components for customized configuration during installation and routine operation.

Clicking the Home option at the top of the list returns the user to the main Resources management page.

Navigation Pane


When necessary, users may update Resource Manager licensing information through the home page. Please note, this is not the primary Command 360 system license.

  1. Click Actions on the Resources Management home page, then click Update License.

  2. In the Update License window, enter the License Key in the space provided, then click Next.

Note the Resource Manager URL and Access Key are provided for reference.

Update License Action

License Update

Update License Key Field

Ensure the license key information is correct and click Save to return to the summary page.

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