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This topic describes how to configure the connected CineAgent once a streaming server is configured.


The CineAgent appliance is connected to the Command 360 platform during installation. To configure a CineAgent, a streaming appliance must first be added in the Resource Manager. If one is not added, the following message will appear:

CineAgents Screen with no Configured Streaming Server

After adding a Resource Manager during the Select Initial Machine Type and Location workflow, see Streaming Server Setup to finish configuring the streaming appliance.

To configure a connected CineAgent:

  1. Click the user account icon in the top right and click Admin > Resources to access the Resources home page.

  2. Click CineAgents on the left navigation column.

  3. Locate the CineAgent to be configured. The status should appear as Finish Setup.

    CineAgent Finish Setup Option

  4. Click the
     icon on the far left of the appliance listing and select Finish Setup from the pop-up menu. The Finish CineAgent Setup side panel opens.

    CineAgent Type Selection

  5. Select the desired Streaming Server from the drop-down.

  6. For the CineAgent Type, select Browser or Video Conference and click Next.


    Click the checkbox next to each browser you want to support on the CineAgent and click Next.

    From here, you can edit the CineAgent Name and use the Asset drop-downs to assign applications.

    Video Conference

    Microsoft Teams and Zoom will be installed on the CineAgent. You can edit the CineAgent Name before advancing.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Review settings, then click Finish Setup. On the CineAgent resource page, the appliance's status appears as Initializing . Once complete, the status changes to Online .

    CineAgent Browser Setup Confirmation


    To reset the previously configured settings and revert the status to Finish Setup, click the

    icon on a CineAgent listing and select Reconfigure CineAgent.

    CineAgent Options

This completes CineAgent configuration.

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