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Editing a CineLink

After adding a CineLink encoder or decoder, the name, location and network settings can be edited.


These instructions apply to both CineLink encoders and decoders.

To edit a CineLink:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right corner and click Admin > Resources.
  2. Click CineLinks on the left navigation column.
  3. Click the
     icon to the left of a CineLink in the summary list and select Edit CineLink.
    CineLink Options Menu

  4. Enter a new CineLink Encoder Name or Location.
    Editing CineLink Properties

  5. Configure LAN 1 settings:
    • Set the IP Mode to IPv4 or IPv6.
    • Set IP Addressing to Dynamic (DHCP) or Static.
    • If set to Static, configure Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS Servers.
  6. (Optional) If a LAN 2 connection is available, configure the network settings.
  7. When finished making changes, click Save.
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