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Exploring the Web Interface

Once you have successfully signed in, the Kraken Web interface opens to the Dashboard. From here, you can navigate to the Streaming, Settings, and Security sections. 

Navigational Menus


Kraken provides pop-up notifications for most actions taken from the web interface.

These notifications appear on the top-right of the screen and confirm/describe the status of the action. It is important to take note of these pop-ups, as some may contain messages or alerts that require user action.

System Monitoring

The dashboard provides users with key system information, including:

  • An Overall Bandwidth chart, displaying the overall bandwidth in Mb for Inputs (purple) and Outputs (teal).
  • The percentage of CPU and Memory Resources being used.
  • A Capacity Card, demonstrating the Stream and/or Bypass capacity load.
  • The Device Status Information, including: Version, Uptime, Stream Load, and Active Transcoder.

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