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Configuring Metadata Capture


KLV Metadata Capture is an optional feature which may be installed at the factory or via a field upgrade by installing a license file.

From the Metadata page, you can configure Kraken to capture either KLV (Key Length Value) or CoT (Cursor on Target) metadata and then incorporate data information within the metadata elementary stream of the standard MPEG Transport Stream. You can set up multiple metadata inputs to include in Transport Streams. Kraken supports up to three metadata input types: either from the COM1 serial port, the HD-SDI interface, or a user definable network port (up to eight UDP inputs).

  • Serial port: The Kraken SDI extracts either KLV or CoT metadata packets from the serial port. From the Metadata Detail View, you must specify the Data Format, and for CoT metadata, the Max AirCraft-SPI Delta.
  • SDI: The Kraken SDI extracts KLV metadata packets from the HD-SDI interface as per MISB RP 0605.2. Only progressive scan formats are supported (i.e., 1280x720p and 1920x1080p). Kraken can capture only 1024 bytes of KLV metadata per video frame.
  • Network: Kraken can receive either (a) KLV payload encapsulated in UDP or (b) CoT inside UDP that is converted to KLV and then streamed. You must specify the UDP port on which Kraken will listen for incoming metadata. The Multicast Address is only required for reception of multicast metadata, or if you only want to accept messages coming from a specific sender.

You can define a small set of static KLV objects (i.e., mission IDs and security classification) for KLV and CoT metadata sources. For more information, see Configuring KLV Metadata Insertion.

CoT/UDP and CoT/Serial metadata sources can also be retransmitted to other IP destinations. For more information, see Configuring CoT Retransmission.

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