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Configuring Outputs

You must first define one or more Outputs before you can define a Stream. Each Output consists of a valid destination URL with an optional name and notes. The Output can also include settings such as the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), TTL (Time-to-Live), and ToS (Type of Service).


In addition, you can select the network interface for the Output. Kraken may be configured to output streams to any of the available Network Interface Cards (NICs).


You can also enable Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) transmission for the stream to provide a playlist to viewers. SAP is a protocol for broadcasting multicast session information. An SAP announcer periodically multicasts an announcement packet to a well known multicast address and port. SAP listeners will listen on the well known SAP address and learn of all the sessions being announced.

When SAP is enabled, Kraken sends an SAP signal out to the player when it starts streaming. Any player that supports the SAP protocol will provide the end user an automatic playlist when Kraken is streaming.

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