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Configuring Inputs

You must first define one or more Inputs before you can define a Stream. Inputs can either be a source URL, an SRT source, or other input (such as an SDI or Analog Composite encoding source): 

  • For transcoding, each Input consists of a valid source URL with an optional name and notes. In addition, with TS over UDP, you can select the network interface to input streams from any of the available Network Interface Cards (NICs).
  • Network Input types include: TS over UDP, TS over SRT, RTSP, RAW Motion JPEG, MJPEG over HTTP, RTMP
    • The default Stream type for Network inputs is MPEG TS over UDP, and can be configured for Bypass, Transcode, or Transcode+Passthru Kraken Stream modes.
  • High-bandwidth and RAW Input types include: SDI, NDI, ST 2110, GigE vision, and Composite analog
    • These baseband video formats can be configured for encoding by using the Transcode mode of a Kraken Stream.

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