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Managing User Accounts


The Accounts pages are available to administrators only (i.e., users assigned Administrator role). From here, administrators can create and manage user accounts for Kraken (including their own accounts).

The My Account page is available to users assigned either Operator or Viewer roles to change their own account password. For information, see Changing Your Password.

From the Accounts pages, administrators can create, delete and modify user accounts for the Web interface.

An account can be allocated to each user of the system so that the identity of the user can be uniquely determined. Kraken provides three predefined account roles to assign privileges to users: Administrator, Operator and Viewer. For details, see Role-based Authorization.

To view and configure user accounts:

  1. Select Security from the sidebar, and go to the Accounts tab.
    The Accounts List View opens, displaying the list of defined user accounts. 

    The Accounts List View displays the Name, Role, and State for each account. For details on possible states, see Account Settings.
  2. To add a new account, click the Add Account button. For details, see Account Management.
  3. To view or modify user account details, click the Settings icon
    in the account row to open the Account Settings. For details, see Account Management.
  4. To lock or unlock an account, click the Lock/Unlock icon
    . For details, see Account Settings.
  5. Check the check box next to one or multiple accounts to:
    • Enable,
    • Disable, or
    • Delete the account(s). 
      For details, see Account Settings.
  6. To apply your changes, click Apply. The changes will take effect immediately.


    Kraken warns users when an account is within 15 days of expiring. A pop-up warning will appear indicating the number of days until expiry, and the account status color and icon will be changed, as in the example below:

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