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Enabling and Disabling Services

For security purposes, an administrator may need to stop one or more services from accessing Kraken. From the Services page, you can:

  • Enable and disable network or input capture services, including SDI (DeckLink) Capture, GigE Capture, NDI Capture, ST2110 Capture, Analog (V4L2) Capture, RTSP and SSH,
  • Select which network interfaces allow access to the Kraken Web and API interface in a multi-NIC system. This enables separation of streaming and management interfaces on Kraken,
  • Enable or disable the tracking of anonymous product analytics.


Some services require a valid Kraken license to enable control of the desired Kraken service.

To enable or disable services:

  1. Click Settings on the sidebar, and select the Services tab. 
    The Services page opens displaying the current status of network services (as shown in the following example).


    The icon in the Status column indicates the service status: 


    Service is started and operating as expected.

    Service is in the process of starting or stopping.

    Error. Toggle is on, but the service has failed to start.

    Service is stopped.

  2. To enable or disable a service, toggle the associated Service on or off. For details, see Services Settings.


    For best results, adjust a single Kraken Service at a time.

    The service(s) will be stopped or started immediately. (You do not need to click Apply).

  3. To select which network interfaces allow access to the Kraken Web and API interface, click the Settings icon
    The interface selection panel opens, as in the example below.
  4. From here, select the desired interface(s). See Services Settings for configuration details.
    To select all available interfaces, toggle All Interfaces on. 

  5. Click Apply.

To enable or disable User Analytics:

  1. Click Settings on the sidebar, and select the Services tab. 
  2. Scroll to the Product Analytics section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Toggle Enable Anonymous Product Analytics on or off. 
  4. When toggled on, you will receive a notification confirming that sharing product analytics has been enabled.


Only administrator users can adjust this User Analytics setting.

When enabled, anonymous data is collected from all Kraken Local Users.

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