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Multi-Channel Synchronization for Makito Products

The Makito X Series Multi-channel Synchronization  feature is designed to work in the broadcast industry where remote producers typically capture multiple views of the same content and transport it over a network to a central production facility. All these channels need to be synchronized to within one frame period at the decoders to avoid replay issues on downstream equipment when switching between video and audio sources. 

Makito X Series encoders and decoders can be configured to synchronize the output of two or more decoded streams with single frame accuracy. The Multi-channel Synchronization feature works by continuously monitoring the end-to-end transit time and dynamically adjusting the internal decoder buffers to compensate. 

This  tutorial  provides a description of this feature, along with deployment instructions. 


Unless otherwise specified, references to the "Makito X Series" can be taken to include the Makito X and Makito X4 family of encoders and decoders.

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