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Configuring Streaming Outputs

From the Outputs pages, you can create multiple output streams using the defined video encoders, audio encoders, and metadata (if applicable). Each output stream is configured independently. For details see:

Outputs List View

To open the Outputs List View:

  1. On the Streaming page, click Outputs on the sidebar.
    The Outputs List View opens, displaying the list of defined streams for the encoder.

    The Outputs List View displays the status LED, Stream Name, Protocol, Destination (IP Address and Port), and selected Content (Video/Audio Encoders and Metadata source) for each stream.
  2. From here, you can perform the following tasks:
    • To create an output stream, click the 
      Plus Icon
      Add button.
    • To view details or modify the settings for a stream, click a link in the table under Name to open the Outputs Detail View.
    • To view the video or audio encoder or metadata source for a stream, hover over a link in the table under Content to display the configuration information.
      Video Source Popup
    • To view the status of a stream, hover over the status LED (to the left of the row).
      LED Status Indicator
    • To change the status for an existing stream, click the drop-down list under Action and select either Start or Stop (as applicable), or Delete.
    • To sort the streams by Name, Protocol, Destination IP, or Content, you can click on a column header to sort by that column. The first click sorts by ascending order, indicated by an up arrow next to the column header. Clicking again sorts by descending order, indicated by a down arrow next to the column header.

  3. To apply your changes, click Apply

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