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Exploring the Web Interface

After logging in to the Web interface, you will have access to the encoder configuration settings. All of the settings can be adjusted via the Web browser.

The Makito X1 Web interface opens to the Dashboard, as shown in the following example.

  • Select Streaming from the sidebar to set up Streams, Video Encoders, Audio Encoders, or Metadata.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar to:

          View the Status settings and configure User Preferences
         View or Update the Current Software
         View or configure the Network settings
         View or configure the Date and Time
         View or configure Services
         Manage Licensing
  • Select Security from the sidebar to manage: 

         ▸ Accounts
         ▸ Messages
         ▸ Banner
         ▸ Policies
         ▸ Certificates
         ▸ Audit settings
  • Select Help Center from the sidebar to access online Help. You will be re-directed to the Haivision InfoCenter website, which contains the Makito X1 documentation. See How to use the InfoCenter for tips and tricks for browsing the site.


    If no external internet connection is available, a Local Help for the Makito X1 Rugged Encoder will open in your Web browser.

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