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Working with Routes

A route, or the network workflow between regions, allows you to move live streams and large files anywhere in the world. The paths that make up the route from point A to point B are typically chosen with regards to speed, security, and reliability. Haivision Hub is a cloud-based service for live, low-latency media routing across the Microsoft Azure network to provide secure and reliable global transport for contribution, production, and syndication workflows.

Hub routes screen, labeled.

 Routes highlighted indicates the current screen.

  Route checkbox that indicates if the current listing is selected.

Select All checkbox.

Search field for finding a specific route.

Available Filters that includes the current counts for each status .

Action buttons to be performed on selected routes.

Sort Options: Last Updated, Status, Name, UpTime.

Ascending/Descending Sort Toggle.

 "Refresh" button.

"New Route" button.


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