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Deleting a Route's Hublet

To delete a route's Hublet:

  1. Click
    Routes on the navigation sidebar.  If the selection is not visible, click
     to expand the sidebar.
  2. In the listing, locate the route that includes the Hublet whose type you want to change. 
  3. Click the route's name in the listing.
  4. When the Route Builder view opens, click the Edit button 
     on the status bar.

    Route Builder Screen, labeled.

  5. Next, click the Hublet you want to delete. When selected, a Hublet's color changes to blue
  6. When the Hublet panel opens, click the
    Delete option
    from the top of the panel. 

    Route Builder Screen, labeled, with a Hublet edit panel open.

  7. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the Hublet. The panel closes and the selected Hublet is no longer displayed.
  8. Lastly, click the Save Changes button



    If you click the Cancel button instead of the Save Changes button, the Hublet will be restored.

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