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Creating a Route using RTMP Input Example

RTMP is a TCP-based protocol that allows for low-latency communication while maintaining persistent connections between the player and the server – making it ideal for LIVE broadcasting/streaming (e.g., with the popular GoPro devices). Our RTMP Input Hublet has two modes: Consumer and Publisher. The Publisher mode will provide you with an ingest URL once the route is started. The same URL will be used every time the route is started.

To create a route using the RTMP Input Hublet:

  1. Create a route and add an RTMP Input Hublet
  2. Change the Mode to Publisher

    Route Builder Screen, labeled, with a Hublet panel open. The cursor is hovering over the Publisher option in the Mode dropdown menu.

  3. You can use the random Stream Key
    , or specify one manually by unchecking the Generate a Stream Key checkbox 
    and entering your key directly in the Stream Key field

    Route Builder Screen, labeled, with a Hublet edit panel open.

  4. Click the Start Route button.
  5. Once the route is running,

     copy the URL field
    and supply it to your streaming device's RTMP configuration (e.g., GoPro device).


    If you specified a stream key, you will need to 

    copy and paste this separately 

    Route Builder Screen, labeled, with a Hublet panel open.

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