Hardening Guide for Makito X Series

Last updated on Mar 08, 2022

This Hardening Guide describes how to install and configure Haivision's Makito X and X4 encoders and decoders to meet current security standards.


While any Makito X or Makito X4 encoder or decoder (Version 1.5 or higher) can be hardened by following the procedures described in this guide, this does not confer compliance with a particular standard. The Makito X series is not Common Criteria (CC) certified; however, the Makito X and X4 are designed to meet CC certifications and this guide is based on the CC procedure. See Common Criteria Certification in the "Haivision Product Security Guide".

"Hardening" is a term used to describe the process of securing a networked device's various interfaces. This includes removing or limiting certain features to prevent their abuse, and securing the data hosted by the device.

Guide Contents