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Hardening Guide for Makito X Series

This Hardening Guide describes how to install and configure Haivision's Makito X and X4 encoders and decoders to meet current security standards.


While any Makito X or Makito X4 encoder or decoder (Version 1.5 or higher) can be hardened by following the procedures described in this guide, this does not confer compliance with a particular standard. The Makito X series is not Common Criteria (CC) certified; however, the Makito X and X4 are designed to meet CC certifications and this guide is based on the CC procedure. See "Common Criteria Certification" in the Haivision Product Security Guide available on the Support Portal.

"Hardening" is a term used to describe the process of securing a networked device's various interfaces. This includes removing or limiting certain features to prevent their abuse, and securing the data hosted by the device.

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