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References to the "Makito X Series" can be taken to include the following Makito X and Makito X4 devices unless specifically stated otherwise:

  • Makito X4 Encoder
  • Makito X4 Rugged Encoder
  • Makito X1 Rugged Encoder
  • Makito X Encoder
  • Makito X HEVC Encoder
  • Makito X Encoder with Storage
  • Makito X Harsh Encoder
  • Makito XR (Ruggedized) Encoder
  • Makito XCR (Compact Ruggedized) Encoder 
  • Makito X HEVC Rugged Encoder
  • Makito X4 Decoder
  • Makito X Decoder
  • Makito X Harsh Decoder


This document is written for administrators responsible for configuring a Makito X Series encoder and/or decoder to operate in a secure manner. This document assumes you are familiar with networks and network terminology, and that you are a trusted individual. No encoder- or decoder-specific knowledge is required.

Terms and Definitions

The following table contains terms used in this document, along with their definitions.




Command Line Interface


A device that decodes an encoded digital stream into an audio and/or video signal.


A device that encodes an audio and/or video signal into a digital format.


The following table contains a list of references that may supplement, clarify, or qualify the information presented in this document.

Syntax Conventions

The following syntax conventions are used in this guide:



Monospaced font

Indicates command names and options, filenames and code samples.

italic font

Indicates variables or placeholders that you replace with a user-defined value or name.

< >

Same as italics. Variables are enclosed in angle brackets in contexts that do not allow italics.

[ ]

Square brackets indicate optional items or parameters.

x | y

A vertical bar separates items in a list of options from which you must select one. If options are not separated by |, you may use combinations.

{ x | y | z }

Items separated by vertical bars and enclosed in braces indicate a choice of required elements.

[ x { y | z } ]

Vertical bars and braces within square brackets indicate a required choice within an optional element.


Parameter names and enumerated values are case-insensitive and can be abbreviated.

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