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What's New in 3.4

Version 3.4 of Haivision Play Pro for Mobile iOS introduces the following new features and improvements:

  • Argon UI: This update brings Haivision’s modern user experience to Play Pro, with a focus on making remote monitoring more intuitive and powerful. 
  • Streams Screen: The all-new thumbnail driven Streams screen brings all your Local Lineups into a single place.
  • Recent Streams: Quickly jump back into a stream with the Recent Streams feature, or scroll through multiple Lineups effortlessly.
  • QuickPlay Improvements: QuickPlay has been streamlined to simplify stream configuration, and allows you quickly save streams to a Lineup for later viewing.
  • New Standalone Video Player: The updated player for QuickPlays and Lineups includes stream statistics and lets you browse Lineups without ever leaving the stream.
  • Easier Local Lineup Management: Managing Local Lineups is easier, with auto-generated thumbnails for SRT and Multicast streams and a new search feature.
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