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Standalone Video Player

Selecting a channel from the Streams screen with the function set to Play opens the standalone video player, as shown in the example below:


If you are viewing on a smaller screen or in portrait orientation, the Info, Lineups, and Statistics panels are split into three tabs, as shown below:

Standalone Player in Portrait Orientation

Video Player Controls

Standalone player elements are listed below, along with a brief description:

  • Closed CaptionsIf enabled, displays on-screen captions.
  • Audio TracksAllows you to select a different audio stream for the selected video (e.g., a different language feed).
  • Share — Opens sharing options.
  • AirPlayAllows you to stream the selected video from your mobile device to another AirPlay-capable device.
  • Player Settings — Allows you to change how video is displayed in the player and adjust the latency.
  • Fullscreen — Enter/exit fullscreen player mode.
  • VolumeSlider control for adjusting the player volume level.
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