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Viewing Local Lineup Channels

To access Local Lineup channels:

  • On the

    Streams screen, select a channel from the Recent Streams section or from a Local Lineup channel list.


    • For quick access, recently viewed channels are displayed at the top of the Streams screen under Recent Streams.
    • Channels with the Play function allow you to tune in and watch a stream on your device. Channels with the Stream function launch a stream using your device's camera as the video source.

    Streams Screen

    For information on viewing streams, see Standalone Video Player. For information on streaming using your device's camera, see Standalone Camera Settings.

Searching and Sorting Channels

To search and sort Local Lineup channels:

  1. On the Streams screen, tap View All on the Lineup you wish to view.
  2. Tap the Sort
    drop-down or
    Search icon, as seen in the following example:

    For Sort:
    Channel Sort Options
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